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I've woken up on one too many floors

But my favourite is yours.

4 July 1983
Girl. Journalist. Live in London or thereabouts. Happy to make new friends. Generally trying to be a good person in this weird old world! Sometimes fail, sometimes succeed.

Stylesheet by refuted
amélie, archie, audrey hepburn, autumn, beaches, beauty products, brighton, british politics, cadburys, cake-takers, causing trouble, chocolate, chomsky, closer, clothes, coffee, cold crisp white wine, cooking, crap dancing boys, cream teas, croisants, cuba, cuddling, cups of tea, dogs, dreams, drinking, eccentricity, empire records, family, fashion, father christmas, film club, food, freaks & geeks, friends, giggling, glitter, green and black's chocolate, guys, head massages, holding hands, holidays, hugs, hysterical giggles, idiotic behaviour, jon snow, journalism, judd apatow, kissing, klimt, laughing, lie ins, lilies, liverpool, lost, love, lush, magical moments, malteasers, milkshakes, mindless chatter, monkeys, mtv, muse, music, my dog monster, my ipod, napoleon dynamite, neighbours, open fires, photographs, pretty eyes, prison break, private jokes, pub grub, pub lunches, pub quiz, radiohead, rainbows, raising one eyebrow, random acts of kindness, reading, ribena, ricky gervais, roast potatoes, romance, rosy cheeks, santa monica, sarcasm, saved by the bell, school lunch, scuba diving, secret looks, secret smiles, semolina, sex, sex and the city, shaun of the dead, sherbert fountains, shopping, simon pegg, skiing, skipping, sleeping, smiling, sneakers, sneezing, snow, spontanteous adventures, staring at the stars, strawberries, summer, sunbathing, sunsets, super ted, surfing, susan kennedy, talking, talking all night, talking monkeys, tea, teaching monkeys to smoke, the london foamers, the princess bride, the raz, the south pacific, thunder cats, tickling, tigers, toasted marshmellows and bananas, traveling, tunbridge wells, vogue, wayne's world, weezer, wimbledon tennis, writing, zadie smith, £2 coins